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Fix-A-Flat Step by Step Guide

Learn how to fix your bicycle's flat tire by using these step by step instructions.

A close up of a flat tire.

Fix-A-Flat Video Instruction

In this instructional visual video, learn how to repair a flat tire on your bicycle whether mid-bike-ride or at home.

Fueling Informational Handout

This handout offers helpful information surrounding fueling for your bike rides. We also touch on the topics of physical activity load and recovery. Beyond our tips and insight, we also recommend useful apps that can help provide impactful metrics and data surrounding overall wellness and physical status.

Aperson reaching into a container of dried fruits and nuts.

Fueling Workshop Video

Listen in to our discussion regarding fueling - pre, during, and post bike ride. This topic was offered as a community workshop, offering educational content and Q&A.

Bicycle Safety Considerations

No matter where you ride, bicycle safety and preparedness is critical. Considering tech and gear and other resources like hand signal and audibles, it is our goal to provide what we feel to be the most important considerations for safety before embarking on a ride.

Multiple colorful helmets

Bicycle Safety Video

In this video, we discuss all critical considerations related to safety. From lights and other tech & gear, to hand signals and route planning, we shed light on the important pieces of riding that create more visibility & safety.

Planning Your Bicycle Route

Planning before your bicycle ride is such an important part of the sport. The best route for a car is most times unlikely to be the best route for a bike. On the other hand, when mountain biking, we must consider whether or not the trail system we're visiting has multi-directional trails or one-direction trails to avoid any heightened risk of injury or trouble. Our guide to planning your bicycle route takes into account many considerations we recommend thinking about in preparation for a great ride.

Bicycle Route Planning Video

Planning your bicycle route can feel a bit daunting because it is not normally the route we are most familiar with. Many times, commuters will be aware of go-arounds and lower-traffic roads to avoid high-traffic, multi-lane situations with cars. Also, when mountain biking, you must consider where you are riding. Are the trails directional? Are there levels of beginner, intermediate, and expert noted? Give this a watch as we dive in deeper.

Achieving A Comfortable Bike Ride | Guide

Contrary to belief, riding a bike can be comfortable and does not have to involve constant thought of what is paining us throughout our rides. We shed light on our three key areas to focus on and small adjustments & tips that can make a big difference.

Achieving A Comfortable Bike Ride | Video

In this educational video, we discuss how to create comfort during your bike rides and adjust areas of agony to no longer cause pain & discomfort while cycling.