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Smart Bike Trainers

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Smart trainers offer the best way to get a cycling workout right from home. There is no longer room for excuses like a bad weather day or it being too cold outside. Saris smart trainers allow you the convenience of riding at home, under cover whenever time allows you to do so. Connect with online cycling app subscription services like Zwift to ride with others including your group of cycling friends. Compete in virtual races and events, join training programs, participate in group rides, and conquer goals that the platform offers each month. Best of all, these trainers even mimic what it is like to ride on the road with life-like resistance changes. That means that you can still feel both the uphill battle and downhill relief just as you would if you were riding outdoors.

Our bike shop in Mystic, CT has many options in-stock for your consideration. We even have a demo bike so we can show you the setup and allow you to test it out. Our bike trainers usually range in price from $200 - $1200 depending on desired features.