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Bicycle Safety

Hand Signals 


Use of an Audible | Horns & Bells

Bells and horns are often perceived as an accessory “for looks”. In reality, bells and horns provide added safety in the way of an audible warning or communication with other road users. These are also useful off-road because cyclists recognize them as a sign that someone is approaching from behind and potentially looking to pass. 

Bicycle Safety Tech/Gear

Helmets, always.

MIPs and Wavecel are patented and tested technology proven to absorb impact and protect your head in a crash. Whether you ride on the road or ride off-road a helmet is a must-have to guard against critical, life-altering injuries. It is heavily argued whether MIPs or Wavecel is the better technology, but both are quality with ample research, design, and testing. Much like Pepsi and Coke, people become partial to one over the other, but as long as you’re wearing a helmet with one or the other you can rest assured that you are well-protected.

**The price of the helmet does not make the helmet more or less safe. A higher price indicates lighter materials and more desirable features like BOA technology, magnetic closures, more ventilation, etc.

Garmin Varia Tail-Light: Can detect cars coming up behind you & alerts you audibly & visually on your Garmin computer.

Front and rear lights even during the day

Plan your route accordingly

The best route for a car does not make the best route for a bike 

Some mountain bike areas have directional trails. Be sure to pay attention to this when you are planning your route. Also, pay attention to the level of the trails. There will be ratings of beginner, intermediate, and expert. Similar to ski trails, most mountain bike trails follow a color coding system of green (beginner), blue (intermediate), and black (expert). 

Apps that can help you plan the best route based on bicycle traffic: 

Strava (multi-use platforms) (gravel riding specific)

Ride with GPS (multi-use platforms)

Trail Forks (mountain bike specific)

Garmin Connect / Garmin Computers (multi-use platforms)


Bright Clothing

Front and rear lights even during the day