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Achieving Your Health, Wellness & Cycling Goals in the New Year

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We’re out with 2019 and in with 2020. Many of us will reflect on the past year and as tradition has it, we’ll look forward with new goals and intentions. Many will be health-focused as we strive to live better, more wholesome lives. 

We ask you to take a moment and consider the driving factors that have led you to the start of this journey? We all have to start somewhere and as long as we do begin, that is all that matters. Some of us do it to set a good example for someone else who looks up to us. Some of us start because we are simply sick of delaying a change any longer. Others began their journey with passion, while a group of us had a medical experience that sparked the change. No matter how you got to this point, you got here. Do not be judgmental of yourself - we are always our own worst critics. The point is - you got here, we’re doing this. 

As you approach your aspirations, whether new or long-standing, do not forget a few critical things along the way: 

  1. It is okay to start small and build yourself up. Do not feel like you have to take on the world within your first day, week, or even month. Set out to achieve what feels manageable. If you’re looking to be more active, spin for 20 minutes each day. The following week you can add an extra ten minutes to each session and progress as follows. We tend to be really critical of ourselves when we feel like we’re not doing enough. The point is to start somewhere and build good habits. 

  2. Our greatest accomplishments are a series of smaller achieved goals. Celebrate the small achievements. This is important. Whether this is feeling less winded during a workout, going a longer distance than your previous workout, or getting up at 5AM to get that workout in. These are victories no matter how you slice it. 

  3. There are going to be bad days. You are going to have workouts that kick you in the “bleep”. We all have these. You are not alone. Just remember, the workout will pass and a better one will follow. This is part of the journey, so try to avoid feeling discouraged.

  4. Be aware of your resources. Rely on available platforms and outlets to help guide you. This may include other athletes, food & recipe blogs, a coach, your local bike shop, friends and family, etc. There are so many tools at your fingertips. Do your research, talk to others and make use of these. They are meant to help you & ease your journey. 

  5. Fit and fun can go together. Yes, we said it. You can find something physical with the goal of being healthier and also have fun doing it. This may not come right off the bat. Sometimes it takes some experimenting to find exactly what you like best. In the bike world, there are several riding terrains to choose from: road, gravel, trails. While all require a bike, there are different draws to each. Dip your toe in before you dive. Rent a bike from a local shop & attend a group ride. Try several rides to better gauge what was most enjoyable for you. Then, once you’ve narrowed it down, you can work towards acquiring your gear for a fun season ahead.

  6. Mix it up. Try different wellness classes and activities. Many athletes cross-train to build total body strength. You do not have to do the same activity every time you workout. Mix it up, keep it interesting. Ride your bike, run, swim, do yoga, weight-train, try group classes, etc. 

No matter what your goal is for the year ahead, we hope it reinforces or establishes the most wholesome of rewards. Keep our above tips on the forefront throughout your wellness journey. Don’t forget to check back and stay connected with us for future advice and resources throughout the year. Cheers to 2020! 

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