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Photo Op Contest Winner

Tom Peck and his Trek Madone SLR 7 Disc are the winners of the first Photo Op Contest.

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Building Healthy Habits for the Future

With the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak on the forefront, creating healthy habits as part of our daily routines has never been more critical. We understand the fear that the world is feeling right now. Our goal is to offer support and hope to those who wish for guidance in improved wellness. For us, cycling has allowed a platform to practice this. Therefore, we would like to share our passion with others.

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Cyclist enjoying a mountain view

Adventure Dispatch Vol. 1

Camarillo, CA | This month, I ventured to new heights (literally) on the West Coast. A pleasure trip took me from the harsh cold of the New England winter to the waves and sun of Camarillo, California. And of course, the bike went along.

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Achieving Your Health, Wellness & Cycling Goals in the New Year

We’re out with 2019 and in with 2020. Many of us will reflect on the past year and as tradition has it, we’ll look forward with new goals and intentions. Many will be health-focused as we strive to live better, more wholesome lives.

We ask you to take a moment and consider the driving factors that have led you to the start of this journey? We all have to start somewhere and as long as we do begin, that is all that matters.

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