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G  O     L  O  N  G     W  I  T  H     H  E  C  K  L  E  R


Sale will apply to in-store models of the 2021 Santa Cruz Heckler in all builds while supplies last



The Heckler was one of Santa Cruz's earliest iterations of a rowdy freeride bike that could truly tackle it all. 

And after a long hiatus it is back. 

But this time, it has returned as a modern long travel trail oriented pedal assist E-Bike.

Mixed Wheel

Keeping with old ways, Santa Cruz has designed this bike in line with a collection of other bikes built around a mixed wheel size.

Rowdy shredding meets tame control with the 27.5" rear wheel and 29" front wheel mix.

Shimano Steps EP800

Silent but mighty, the Shimano powertrain will shutter at nothing. Its high torque spec will be sure to bring you up the most grueling fire road loops, long enduro stages, or the steepest of the steep technical trails.

Whatever your style of riding, this motor will keep you riding longer.